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Users’ (unsolicited) Comments (up-dated August 20th 2013 )

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http://dd-b.net/ddbcms/tag/koolsink/   (Review from Minnesota, USA)

http://tinyurl.com/24wrs4   (Review from Germany)



My sister recommended the product to me.
Naiching, (New Brunswick, Canada)

I just received my KoolSink today and I would first like to say thanks for the super fast shipping. Everything is perfect. The next thing I did was test it out, and I am just astounded by the performance of the KoolSink. Thank you again.

Very Satisfied Customer,
Joseph, (Bellevue, NE, USA)


My brother John got a KoolSink for his 15" PowerMac laptop.
He had little luck with other cooling products .. but this one worked great! Physics is a wonderful thing!

Anyway, so I ordered this one from you, when I bought a new MacBook Pro.

Will, (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Excellent service, arrived in 5 days! 13" KoolSink fits my MacBook perfectly. I have compared fan speeds when using HandBrake (video encoding tool) with and without KoolSink. It used to run around 6500 rpm but now hovers around 4000 rpm, that's a positive result to me! Ergonomically I find typing much easier with the KoolSink, I will be recommending it to others.
Alistair, (Norwich, UK)

I learned about the KoolSink product from my Dad, ........ He has one and just loves it. I got one for my HP laptop and for my friend and her HP laptop. Thanks for everything.
Chris, (Newmarket, ON, Canada)

As you can guess by my [repeat] order, I like my KoolSink, and as I have been using it for some years for my PowerBooks, I must have a new one now for my MacBook Pro.

There's simply no alternative.
Beat (Basel, Switzerland)

The KoolSink arrived 2 days ago. Thank you. (we now have 3). Matches the Dell Latitude d420 very well. Looks great, and works well (for health reasons [reducing 0.0.S./RSI] as well as enhancing usability of the laptop).

Antony (Melbourne, Australia)


I first read about the KoolSink in some internet discussion forum a few years ago when I was looking into laptop stands after my wife bought a 15" PowerBook. We read reviews and/or looked at almost every stand available and finally bought a KoolSink for the PowerBook. We've been quite happy with it so the KoolSink was my first choice for our new MacBook Pro.

Geoffrey (Culver City, CA, USA)


A few years ago I was searching Google for ways to keep my Mac Powerbook cooler when working. After many comparisons, I ordered the KoolSink and have used it off and on for some time. I recently misplaced my old one so did another search to find you, ordered a new one and then, of course, found the old one.
I’ll keep one at work and one in my computer bag for travel. I recommend it to colleagues.

Loret (Rochester, NY, USA)


After spending about 3 hours searching the internet for a product to cool my new MacBook, I found your product mentioned, in a Mac forum. Searching on your name brought me to your web site which I found most informative. I'm no physicist, but I know conduction moves heat faster than convection, something your product is based on. Simply providing increased air flow below the computer, like most of the other products I looked at, didn't seem effective enough for me. Sucking the heat off the computer with a aluminum plate in close contact with the bottom was the way to go, but then you have to cool the aluminum, and when I read about the the [venturi] effect of the airflow that cools your product, I was sold.
Tom (Kunkletown, PA, USA)


KoolSink received in good order and proving to be excellent in all aspects.
Many thanks for your help.

Howard (Wirral, Merseyside, UK)


It is really amazing and works well. The fans barely ever come on and when it is time to leave work I can put my mac in my bag without it being on fire. I will be ordering another for home.
Thanks for making such a useful product,.

Dan (Philadelphial, PA, USA)


KoolSink arrived today - looks great!!
Thanks for the prompt [3 day] service

Martin (Worthing, Sussex, UK)


Wow, that's the first time I've ordered a product for something online, and someone mentioned visiting my website and checking out my films. That's awesome, appreciate that, though my website is going through some changes and updates to better reflect the work I've currently done.

I heard about KoolSink from a very happy customer who highly recommended your product. I compared it to what else was in the market and it was an easy decision, primarily due to it's compact design. It's actually a surprise present for my gf who just got a new macbook pro. So there you go.

If you liked the short film(s) you saw, here's a special link to more.



Raffi (New York, NY, USA)


I received the KoolSink and noticed after a very short period of use that the MacBook Pro didn't get nearly as hot as before. Only slightly warm. Big difference.
Great job!

Tony (Eldersberg, MD, USA)



I teach in the architecture program at NC State U.
When I saw KoolSink and read about it, there was no hesitation to place my order.

I appreciate taking advantage of the inherent physical properties of materials. Aluminum is perfect for this application. The design is smart, simple and elegant.
Well done.

Epi (Raleigh, NC, USA)


I just wanted you to know that your customer service was outstanding! Even though I first received the wrong product, your prompt handling of the situation made up for the mistake. I appreciated your prompt email notifications/responses. I will recommend your product to my friends and family. Thank you!

Sandra (Dallas, PA, USA)


Received it this morning.... Thanks! It really works.

Gary (San Jose, CA, USA)


I am amazed at how effective the KoolSink is. I read the reviews but could not believe that it has actually reduced the operating temperature of my MacBook Pro by 20F degrees. Terrific product!

Milo (New York, NY, USA)


Received my KoolSink yesterday. Thanks so much for your prompt reply to my e-mails and the convenient tracking system you have, it was delivered very quickly considering the holiday and weekend.
Also wanted to mention what a beautiful, simple design. It goes perfectly with my recently purchased 15 inch MacBook Pro. The position of the keyboard feels much better and is so much easier to see. As a new purchase heat had yet to be a problem but I was reading so much about the problems it can create that someone suggested your product. I like the idea of not having fans and just the overall simplicity, ratings and reputation that your product has.

Deborah (Chicago, IL, USA)


It works great, cooled the laptop down noticeably and the fan has not come back on that I am aware of.
My favorite kind of engineering, "no moving parts"

Walter (Cypress, TX, USA)


My KoolSink arrived today. The frequent correspondence keeping me apprised of my order status has been highly appreciated.
Tim (W. Lebanon, NH, USA)

I have previously used a KoolSink with my 15 inch power book. It was great. I now have a 17 inch MacBook Pro, and have ordered a KoolSink for this computer, because of how well the 15 inch version worked.
Robert (Mesa, AZ, USA)


Just to let you know that the KoolSink has arrived today!
Only took 4 days and is keeping my new MacBook Pro at-least 20% cooler.

Thank you for this simple but affective product.
Paul (Somerset, UK)


Thanks very much. I received my KoolSink today...
Perfect colour and fit for my new mac book pro. Just like Apple made it themselves. Will be one of my most valued accessories.
Ross (Victoria, Australia)


First of all, compliments... I've received the KoolSink XL a couple of days ago and, well, it's simply great.
Stylish and, above of all, effective.Damned effective! :)
Be sure that I will tell my friends about your product... ciao from Italy!
Andrea (Modena, Italy)


Just wanted to let you know I received the 15" KoolSink today. Excellent product! Has made typing on my powerbook a lot more comfortable, and it does seem to help with cooling quite a bit. Will definitely purchase another one if I decide to get a new 17 inch powerbook!!
Kyle (Warrenton, VA, USA)


I have had my KoolSink for two years now - I never use my Powerbook without it. I have found it significantly reduces the need for the fan to power on. I highly recommend your product, and appreciate the research and effort you have invested in producing a product that is scientifically proven to be superior to other 'cooling' devices on the market. Your website is straightforward and factual - kudos for recognizing that the KoolSink sells itself and requires no gimmick.

Several of my associates have purchased KoolSinks in the last year,... I am wondering if there are any plans to have the KoolSink available in U.S. stores? Here in the tech-happy S.F. Bay Area your product would fly off the shelves.

W ould also like to point out that the Acmemade Slim laptop bag http://www.acmemade.com/ is an ideal for Powerbooks and KoolSink. I own one, and my Powerbook fits into the KoolSink and both slide right into the bag with no banging around.

Thanks again.
Heather (Castro Valley, CA, USA)


Received both KoolSinks yesterday. Feels great to work on! My laptop typically runs pretty cool...and I want to keep it that way as it ages!!!!
Thanks for a simple, practical solution for a very common problem!!! Best of all...NO moving parts!!!!!!
Theresa (Harbor Island, SC, USA)


The 15" KoolSink arrived today.... Thanks for the prompt delivery.
Looks and works great. Exactly what I wanted.
Leo (Palo Alto, CA, USA)


Arrived Thursday December 1st.
Awesome product.
John (Indianapolis, IN, USA)


I received a KoolSink for my iBook and it is great. It works and it is beautiful. I would like to offer this to our customers. Please advise as to who your distributor is.
Thank you.
Steven (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


We received our KoolSink..My son was impressed with his mother's selection and it complemented his new Sager system perfectly!!.
I found your product doing a search for large laptop stands and knew my son would approve of its simplicity......and it's kept the computer KOOL
Karen (Grandville, MI, USA)


I am a repeat customer...bought one in Vancouver when I lived there and this one is a gift!  What a great product...travels well and I love it!
Karen (Toronto, ON, Canada)


Dear PDP,
I discovered your product a couple of years ago and purchased one for my 15" Powerbook. I cannot imagine using a notebook computer without one now.

Most recently, I took the PowerBook to Sri Lanka on assignment to cover the tsunami.
I relied on KoolSink to keep the PowerBook cool during long hours of editing digital images. KoolSink also protected the laptop during trips transiting extremely bad roads and while equipment was being thrown about.

My PowerBook is two years old and there is hardly a scratch on the notoriously easy to scratch PowerBook!

Don't believe me? Buy it, as I'm upgrading to the 17" Powerbook and along with it, a 17" model KoolSink.

I love my KoolSink.

Dwayne (San Francisco, USA)


I... received the KoolSink and took it on a trip. It's terrific. Thanks for making such a beautifully designed product. 
Kirsten (Washington, DC, USA)


These two will be my second and third KoolSinks - I love the first one. 
Jane (Hawaii, USA)


Got the package on Saturday.  It's exactly what I was looking for.  Simple, functional and compliments the look of my Apple PowerBook. 


Julia (New York, USA)


...it must do something right! ...the fans used to come on all the time, not that they were loud (this is a relatively cool Centrino), but right now on top of the KoolSink, I am typing to you in complete silence. Zero fans! So it really must work. Also, the typing angle is SO much better, my wrists have already felt the pressure ease off...
Theodore (Victoria, Australia)


My KoolSink has arrived. Thanks! ... I much appreciated the 'personal touch' you provided during the past week, even though we are communicating over email.

Happy holidays. 

Adrian (Toronto, Canada)

Thanks for a great product.  I love the one I got for my 17" Powerbook so much that I'm getting one as a gift for a co-worker.
Jeff (MO, USA)


Received the KoolSink today.
Product is exactly as advertised, matches my 12" Powerbook perfectly and I've never seen the temp in ThermoGraphX go DOWN as I fiddled in iPhoto before.
My choice ended up being between the KoolSink and the iLap. I ended up choosing based on the fact that any product with Velcro and fabric seems like it would have a limited lifespan to me.
So, all in all, the only way I could be more pleased is if it had a big 'Made in Canada' sticker on the bottom....oh wait.....it does. :)

Cliff (Iowa, USA)

To make it short: WOW!
First, the shipping was very fast, I got the KoolSink in the mail this morning already.
And second, I put it under my powerbook which had been running with the fan in full speed for an hour or two, and before I could write this message the fan has already stopped - looks like this works!
(now I guess I have to find a silent keyboard ;-)
You were asking how I learned about KoolSink: after seeing a laptop base with three fans at a local store, I searched the Internet (Google) to find out if this was efficient, that's how I found out about your product, which looked like one of those clever ideas that might work. Looks like it does.
Thanks very much!
Bertrand (Cugy, Switzerland)
[NOTE: This KoolSink arrived on the 4th day! ]


Found it on the internet searching for PowerBook stands. kind of expensive for a bent piece of metal, but I will not sell it back to you, the design is simple functional and elegant, distributes the heat efficiently and eliminates the hot spots, head and shoulders above the competition, I enjoy owning it and do not mind paying a bit extra for the idea, quality and design. Thanks
George (FL, USA)

Nicely packaged. 
My mini benchmark so far:
Running 1.25Ghz Aluminum PowerBook, with performance setting to highest. Running VLC 7.02 w/ OpenGL acceleration, play XVID movie for 3 hours now. Temperature registered as 59.5 degree Celsius, YET the fan didn't come on. While same condition on the RoadTools' Podium Coolpad, the temp. will hit 62.1,and fan immediately comes on. Nice product.

Steven (California, USA)

The aluminum KoolSink received today. Very fast delivery.
It is a lot better than the plastic CoolPad.
I can feel that the sink absorbs all the heat from my notebook, by touching it.
Thank you.
Roekchai (New South Wales, Australia)

I learned about KoolSink through web searches on laptop stands...hard to believe how difficult it was to find one with a clean design and common-sense heat exchange dynamics.
Mark (Connecticut, USA)

I learned about KoolSink by Googling "PowerBook cooling stands". I was not satisfied with the price and aesthetics of the podium stand at the Apple Store.

Thank you for a simple and functional product :)
Xiao (Massachusetts, USA)

Thanks for such a well designed and finished product.
Jeff (California, USA)


Have received my KoolSink today - am amazed at such rapid delivery. Have been using it for much of today and the fans have not needed to be on for most of the time. Very pleased with product as laptop was overheating so much it was shutting itself down, a great improvement. Thank you
Janet (Birmingham, U.K.)

Can't remember exactly,[when - first learned about KoolSink] but it was about 5 years ago in Tennessee--probably via the web. I had one then and gave it away a few years ago because I no longer had a laptop. I have one again now.
Mary (Virginia, USA)
I am reliably informed that my KoolSink arrived... [in 2 days]. Although I am currently away from those premises - a colleague of mine says it looks like a fine piece of engineering. -Can't wait to start using it.
Kind regards and thanks for the prompt service.
David (Surrey, UK)
One word perfectly describes this product, its value, your website info, and customer contact: Outstanding!
Gene (New Mexico, USA)
Today I have received my 15" Aluminum KoolSink.
All in perfect condition.
It is my second 15" Aluminum KoolSink. This order is a gift for a friend.
I am sure he will be as pleased with your product as I am.
Marco (Venice, Italy)
I received the KoolSink and it is great. It is simple and does exactly what I need.
Its a great product!
Stephen (New York, USA)
I had a request from my friend for Laptop Cooling Devices and I did some
research on the Web and found that only two products were passive radiators (no fan)
Yours was one and I liked what I read on your Website
The other product was Nexus TDD-3000 which was also well rated. I settled for the Canadian Company!
Sathish (Ontario, Canada)
I just wanted to say that the KoolSink arrived a couple of days ago. It's
really terrific....I was pretty sure your product would be the perfect thing, and it is.
Jennifer (Auckland, New Zealand)
... it got here maybe a week and a half ago. Very nice! Thank-you very much!!!
Jim (Ohio, USA)
Thanks for the fast shipping! I am a previous customer (12" KoolSink) and was delighted to return to you to get a second for my new 15" Al PowerBook!
Dominick (Pennsylvania, USA)
Our KoolSink arrived here in Yokosuka, Japan today. Thank you for your
great product.
John (Yokosuka, Japan)
Thank you so much for the customer service.
Received the KoolSink in good shape and it's now holding my 17" Powerbook perfectly.
I love the angle (very good on the wrists) and it seems to be living up to
its promise. Very well designed and keeping my Mac cool and quiet.
I learned about KoolSink from a post on Apple.com discussions and just
recently made a recommendation to another powerbook user.
Thanks for the great product. Clean, simple and useful!
David (Washington, USA)
I purchased your Large Aluminum KoolSink For my Toshiba Satellite 16" screen laptop/desktop replacement computer. When I bought it, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't fit such a large "portable". I want you to know it fits perfectly! It places the keyboard at the perfect height for typing. The computer runs very cool with minimum fan activity. I feel I made an excellent purchase from an honest company....Good job.
Gerald (Florida, USA)
I have now been able to use it for a number of days and am very impressed with it.
Jason (Nevada, USA)
The KoolSink arrived in our mailbox today. That is some fast service!
The KoolSink will be in my bag as a sort of tray for the PowerBook when I pass through Vancouver on Friday night on my way to the Yukon the next morning. I'm sure it will wave hi.
I had the PB propped up on a pair of aluminium wedges and when running OSX the fan would come on at fairly frequent intervals. When I put the KS under, the fan was on and it soon shut off. The back bar of the PB feels cooler than it has been since going to OSX. Thanks for a great Canadian product, eh!
Stu (Ontario, Canada)
My KoolSink arrived yesterday. Looks very nice!
Randy (California, USA)
I felt an obligation to drop a line to tell you that I am thoroughly pleased with my 15" aluminum KoolSink powerbook stand. Not only did it arrive in record time, it is elegant, simple, and wonderfully true to your claims. My titanium G4 never gets blisteringly hot any more. I should add that the stand looks perfect with the powerbook -- they match PERFECTLY. Thanks for a fantastic product and thanks for your impeccable service.
mvm (Oregon, USA)
Thanks for ...the speedy delivery of my KoolSink!
Not only does it look stylish but it works really well at dissipating the heat away from my Presario Compaq 700. This previously actually used to shut down without warning when it got too hot - now with the KoolSink it's much more reliable.
Thanks for the speedy dispatch of a great product !
Mark (Hampshire, UK)
I own a competitor's product, e-leg (http://www.sportsimportsltd.com/erlapnotstan.html) and I'm hoping that switching to the KoolSink can solve some of the problems that the e-leg suffers.
Even slight pressure can cause the e-leg to collapse, which is not good for the hard drive! 
The mechanical joint that allows the e-leg to fold is the culprit. 
The KoolSink doesn't have a folding leg; rather it's fixed.
Tom (Virginia, USA)
Your KoolSink must really be doing its job, as I have yet to hear the fans start. It seems as if they used to be on almost all the time. I think your KoolSink really works as advertised.
Thank you.
Czar (Ontario, Canada)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. I would have no reservations recommending your company or your product to any potential customer. It is an excellent piece of equipment. Well done!
Keith (Essex, England)
" I love the KoolSink! recommended to a few friends! i even use it in bed (where i am now) just flip it upside down and creates an air gap between the laptop and the pillow/covers :) cool product! "
Steve [Illinois, USA]
" The KoolSink® works really well and it does dissipate the heat from my computer quite well."
Jonathan [Alberta, Canada]
I searched GOOGLE for "notebook cooling stand"
" TiBook cooling stand"...and found you amongst a number of other sites...your product was stylish, utilitarian, multipurpose (doubles as a protector when traveling), portable, fool proof, (lacked the "bells and whistles" of some of the other products I saw)....most of all it made perfect sense and appealed to my sense of simplistic design and science ingenuity.
I found your website clear concise, informative, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
Philip (Colorado USA)
What fantastic Service!!!!
Received the KoolSink this morning...one of the quickest deliveries I have had from Canada/USA.
I have had my laptop on the KoolSink for a few hours and it certainly seems to be working.
Many thanks for finding the small packet parcel rate as this certainly helps keep the cost down.
Many Thanks once again for a great Product and speedy Service.
Laurence (Northants, England)
I received the KoolSink yesterday, and I love it!
Steve (Ohio, USA)
I just got mine yesterday, thanks.
I am using it now and really like it.
Thanks again for a great product at a reasonable, fair price.
Arturo (California, USA)
-- thanks for making it such a great online transaction with your paypal checkout!
vinayd (San Francisco, CA, USA )
The...KoolSink has arrived today and thus far I've yet to hear one peep from the loud PB fans! Amazing. Thank you!
Lev (New York, USA)
KoolSink arrived today - love the ergonomics of it - feels just right. .... I also like the fact you are Canadian company.
Lana (Ontario, Canada)
It's here!  It seems to be working pretty well...this is just one hot computer.
Nan (Georgia, USA)
I received my Ti KoolSink and it's great!  Best I've ever seen for a great price!   Thanks a lot.
A friend of mine sent me the link to your site.  He knew that I was having trouble with heat buildup in my Powerbook and had been looking at other products.   I purchased a Road Tools "Cool Pad" and have been using it but it is really a piece of junk.  Unstable at best.  The other products I have looked at are far too expensive and heavy.  The KoolSink is the best product I have found.  The price is perfect, it has a simple clean design and is made of a strong material...I know that everyone is going to want one around here.
Brian (Vermont, USA)
....I choose your product because it did not cost $110 and the styling was consistent with the Apple product -- the stainless steel/aluminum theme.  And it looks convenient to tote around.
Prerek (New Jersey, USA)
I just wanted to touch base and give you my greetings from aboard the " TALGO" train in Spain. My KoolSink is an indispensable part of my backpack recording rig and is a great help in every way, from extra protection to cooling to elevating the computer...  It's wonderful and I'm glad to have made the right (so-far, anyhow) choice of 'KoolSink' cooling for my Mac.
I guess you'll be having lots of fun with the 17" model now, right? :)
Lev (On the road - Spain)
Thanks for a great product!  I used it for the first time today and my laptop's fan turned on much less than it normally would.
Ron (California, USA)
Thanks, I received the KoolSink and I am delighted.
Thomas (Louisiana, USA)
Peter, it came and I am using it to my heart's content!
Thanks so much, best regards
Herman (New York, USA)
Received my KoolSink today.  Seems very well made.
Calvin (Florida, USA)
You wanted some feedback, after I used the KoolSink for a while.
I am happy with the product and agree it's the best solution outside of putting a fan under the PowerBook.
Thank you.
Cameron (Colorado, USA)
I received my 15" Aluminum KoolSink on Friday...Excellent work on the design. When I first bought a PowerBook, I searched extensively for a lift of this type and could not find anything that seemed right. Your product answers all the questions that I had with the other products I encountered.
Robert (New York, USA)
Hey man, got my ‘sink a couple days ago and so far i think its working great :)
Praveen (New York, USA)
I received my KoolSink yesterday, thanks. It works great and looks good with my PowerBook.
Fast shipping, great product.
Good Job
Phil (Texas, USA)
I just got mine yesterday, thanks.
I am using it now and really like it.
Thanks again for a great product at a reasonable, fair price.
Arturo (California, USA)
The...KoolSink has arrived today and thus far I've yet to hear one peep from the loud PB fans! Amazing. Thank you!
Lev (New York, USA)
My KoolSink arrived today.... I'd like to thank you for the personal service you've given me.... It is much appreciated. I'll also say that I love your product. Its sturdiness and simplicity are a great match for Apple's Powerbook.

Best regards,
Craig (Missouri, USA)



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