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What Laptop users know.......Fans waste power and create distracting noise.

If the airflow under your laptop is not fast enough to cool efficiently, the laptop fan will turn on to help the cooling - the laptop's fan wastes precious battery life as well as causes distracting noise when you least want it (such as during a business presentation)! This is where the KoolSink® is needed!

What Laptop users might not know.......A hot laptop could cause a skin reaction to the heat!

Erythema ab igne (also known as hot water bottle rash, fire stainslaptop leg, and toasted skin syndrome) refers to skin that is reddened due to long-term exposure to infrared radiation. The term is derived from Latin and means "redness from fire".

Erythema ab igne (EAI) is a skin reaction caused by exposure to heat. It was once commonly seen in the elderly who stood or sat closely to open fires or electric heaters. Although wide use of Central Heating has reduced the incidence, it is still sometimes found in people exposed to heat from other sources like heat packs,laptops, and hot water bottles. Overexposure to heat causes a mild red rash that might be described as 'blotchy'. Prolonged and repeated exposure causes a marked redness and colouring of the skin. The skin and underlying tissue may start to thin, and sometimes sores or lesions can develop. Some people may complain of mild itchiness and a burning sensation, but often, unless a change in pigmentation is seen, it can go unnoticed. [Extract from Wikipedia article]

This is where the KoolSink® is needed!

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