This user takes his laptop with him where ever he goes (coffee shops, offices, etc.)

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I have been using my KoolSink® for close to 2 years, and in all that time I have never had the fan come on once. I put the laptop on a tabletop once just to see and the fan came on after only 1/2 an hour of work!

This was one of the first Aluminum KoolSink®'s to come out it just keeps on working great! I like the tilt feature the best... and the protection it affords when I transports my Apple Titanium Laptop - you can see the "little" bit of wear and tear I put onto it... thankfully, that wear and tear wasn't to my laptop!

KS-use-04.JPG KS-use-02.JPG
SImple to tote around Fits so well together...
KS-use-06.JPG KS-use-05.JPG
Sits nicely Nice tilt for typing
The Koolsink in Home-use mode...

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